Training At Home - COVID-19

Posted by Richard Conquest on

COVID-19 has come as a shock to the system to all, many of us having to adapt and change our day to day lives to suit. Whilst the 'grown ups' are changing their ways to embrace conference's and meetings via Skype and not having to change out of their pj bottoms, the world gymnasts are having to adapt too.

Without access to the vast halls, squad members and many coaches they are having to alter their training to remain on top form. Some focusing on conditioning, others partaking in workouts with the grown ups.

Gymnasts all over the world are focusing on one task... 

How do they return to the gym with the same strength and technique they walked out with?

At Quest Bespoke HQ we have had tears of laughter and joy helping our Elite Gymnast adapt to training at home as I am sure you have too!

However, they choose to do it, Quest Bespoke could help design bespoke products suited to your childs needs. 

Luckily, there are plenty of handstand challenges on Social Media to make lighthearted fun.