Foldable Kitchen Toddler Helper Tower - Montessori Inspired

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Foldable Kitchen Toddler Helper Tower - Montessori Inspired

Quest Bespoke's Foldable Kitchen Toddler Helper Tower is designed to help your little ones get hands on in the kitchen. Designed to help build their confidence and freedom whilst making everything enjoyable. Suitable for any toddler, up to age 6.

Made of premium wood and HDF with a high quality finish customisable for each customer. Designed with a gravity lock to allow the Kitchen Toddler Helper Tower to be folded and tidied away. Product is light weight for easy manoeuvring.

Designed with 3 stepping rungs to help your littles ones to get onto the platform safely and confidently. Also includes barrier to help keep your little ones safe whilst stood on the platform.

It is certified by PN EN 71-3 / DIN71-3 under UKCA.

Dimensions in used position - H 92cm x L 62cm x W 50cm

Dimensions in storage postion - H 104cm x L 14cm x W 50cm

Product Options - For Top Triangle and/or Platform: 

Hot Pink // Turquoise Green // Turquoise Blue // Purple // Red // Orange // Green // Yellow // Black // Grey

If you do require in any different colours, please do get in touch as the paint we use stock over 200 colours.

The rungs will be alternative colours if two colours have been chosen, if only one colour has been chosen the rungs will match specified colour. 

The sides of the Foldable Kitchen Toddler Helper Tower will remain natural.

You can add personalisation to this product. See personalisation section of our site.

If you do require any further alteration to the above, please let us know.

ALL ORDERS ARE MADE IN THE UK. Please allow handling time for your item to be handmade prior to delivery.

DISCLAIMER - Every possible effort has been taken to ensure these products are as safe and robust as possible. Responsibilities lie with the person using them to make sure they are being used correctly and safely. Adult supervision required at all times.