Triple Handstand Canes

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Triple Handstand Canes

Product Dimensions -

18mm thick HDF base for smooth finish and increased durability. Non-slip pads on base. Hand grips are 36mm birch ply. Product Dimensions - Base - 60cm Cane height - 30cm to 50cm available. If you would like a different height, please get in touch for a quote. 6mm Allen key provided. NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN, INCLUDES A CUT OUT FOR EASY CARRYING.

Base - 60cm

Cane height - 30cm-50cm


Hot Pink // Turquoise Blue // Turquoise Green // Purple // Red // Orange // Green // Yellow // Black // Grey // Wood

If you do require products in a different colour, please do get in touch as the paint we use stock over 200 colours.

If you do require any further alteration to the above please let us know.

All hand grips are now stained unless specified. We are awaiting to take a photo to update the listing photos. 

ALL ORDERS ARE HANDMADE IN THE UK. Please allow handling time for your item to be handmade prior to delivery.

DISCLAIMER – Every possible effort has been taken to ensure these products are as safe and robust as possible. Responsibilities lie with the person using them to make sure they are being used correctly and safely.